Best Lubes for your Vagina

Vaginal Lubricant for Women

Shopping for vagina lubes is the most vital and challenging thing you can engage in. This is because there are many of this types of product on the market and all of them thinks they are the best. So you might get into a state of confusion trying to compose the best. Never mind, you will learn how to choose the very best by the time you are through with this write up. There are things anyone who wants to buy the best and safest lubes for her vagina should consider so that it will not disappoint you. This little fact will guide you as you read through.

Things to consider before buying the safest and best lube to use on your vagina are as follows:

  • Safety of the lube: some of the products for the vagina are not safe. Some are while many are not due to the skin and body you have. Therefore, think of your skin type and how it reacts to lubes before you consider buying any.
  • Effective and efficient for use: so many lube in the market are not original. If you want to buy any of them, check if it is the effective and efficient type so that they will be useful to you. Check its originality. Side effect and how it will react to your body.
  • Brand name, price, and ingredients used: these are necessary things to consider before choosing any lube. Check the manufactures of food brand, the affordability, so that you won’t change to another type because you can’t afford to buy regularly, and the ingredient used in making the lube is vital. There are some chemical compositions you won’t like. So be on the watch out for them.
  • Durability, portability, and versatility: is it a durable lube? Can it widths and the test the time? Some will spoil after some time. Avoid such. Is it too big for you to carry about in case you want to travel? Does it suit body or just one type? These things will help you choose the right one.

Best Vaginal Lubricant for Women

With these things put into consideration, we will go ahead to list some of the best lubes on the market with these features and then we will conclude by choosing our best out of all. The products on our list are as written below:

Carrageenan Gently Natural Personal Lubricant

This product is full of natural ingredients that will enhance the level of orgasm. It consists of a non-stick natural formula that intensifies sensation. It contains vitamin E and Aloe Vera their more natural state. Therefore you can’t fear artificiality at all. Some ingredients are not in CARRAGEENAN. They are petroleum glycols, spermicidal glycerin, and parabens. So it has no side effect because it is free of compounds with an adverse side effect. You will have a self-sealing and airless dispenser for measuring the number of drops so that you won’t mess up with your skin. It is soft to touch and gives a series of sensual periods.

Isabel Fay’s Lube

This lube is safe and water-based. It contains ingredients such as purified water and citric acids, sodium benzoate, cellulose and hydroxyl ethyl. It is sensitive skin friendly and naturally quick to wash off. You can use it comfortably with sex toys and a latex condom. This lube has nothing harmful about it. It is parabens, glycerin, and spermicidal free. It is U.S.A certified product; therefore it is efficient and safe.

Yes Intimate Lubricant

if you are looking for another lubricant that is different from the two above, you might like yes intimate lubricant. It deserves its position in our list of the best lubricant for the vagina. Yes, an intimate oil is water-based as well as organic. It richly lubricates your vagina so that it won’t go dry again. Yes, intimate helps you achieve extended satisfaction there is no need to worry about your safety since it is organic. It is spermicide, parabens, glycerin free. It is free of any components that are irritating to your body. It is also versatile for any type of skin. Yes, intimate contains PH balance that rhymes with your body. It is a water-based and therefore, is non-stick to your skin. You don’t need to worry about your sheets and body.


Uberlube is one of the best lubes on the market. It comes in an exquisite bottle. So it can be on your makeup table and look like a bottle of perfume, and it is versatile but unscented. You can use it as massaging oil that can help defrizz hair. It is suitable for sex too.

Sustain Unscented Organic Lube

This product is a water-based lubricant. It contains aloe vera, which makes it a good one for your skin and sex. If you a socially conscious person, you should get it because the company denotes some percentages of their profit to the organization for woman health.

Our Verdict

The best product of all from our point of view is the CARRAGEENAN gentle, a natural personal lubricant. This is because it is purely natural as well as versatile. The producers did not compromise in their quality somewhat the only compromise is in the price. CARRAGEENAN gentle, a natural personal oil is user-friendly and suitable for all type of skin. It contains natural ingredients for your vagina and is free of ingredients that are harsh. It is also available on demand.

Summing Up

Many vaginal lubes are efficient and safe for most women. Make sure to use them as directed and get an excellent result for relief from vaginal friction, dryness and gives you sexual pleasure. However, in everything, consider the type of skin you have. Your choice is our concern because you are the best person to decide for yourself. You can review all we said before you finally decide on which product to buy. recommends V Tight Gel to Make your Vagina Tight again!
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