Can Sports help you keep your Vagina Tight?

Can Sports help you keep your Vagina Tight?

It is believed that men prefer ladies that have tender and tighter vagina as their sex partners. Although it sounds stupid and crazy, that is just the fact. It does not matter if the woman is aged or not; it all depends on how tight the woman is down there. This promotes the emotion of both partners and also their sex life. Engaging yourself in sports activities is a great way you can rejuvenate your vaginal walls or your pelvic muscles. Like we all know, loosening of vaginal occurs due to some specific reasons like childbearing, menopause or old age. Almost all women go through these stages or some of these stages which now makes porous vagina a bone of contention among women in our society.

How to tighten the vagina through sport

We have different sports activities which can help rejuvenate the vaginal without you knowing. With the help your sport, you don’t need to be burden about your loosened vagina because engaging yourself in sporting activities will go a long way in rejuvenating your loosened vagina. Below are some examples of sports activities that will help you out:


Swimming is a form of sports activities which involves a total workout of the body and every other interior organs and muscle of the body. An advantage of swimming is that it makes you flexible and agile, which is what a woman needs and also what a man wants from a woman; a rejuvenated vagina. Swimming aids the assembling of the upper region of the body, the core, and the lower part of the body. There are different styles of swimming, like the butterfly stroke which is the best for rebuilding the core and the muscles of the abdomen. The downward part of the body which the vagina falls under is also tightened by the front crawl wave kick that rejuvenates the vagina muscles. Swimming also works on the muscle of the buttocks, muscles of the upper leg, and the constraint and cramped muscles of the thighs. After these parts of the body have been worked on, vaginal tightening is improved because these parts of the body mention are connected to the pelvis which also connects to the vagina. This explains that the more you engage in swimming activities, the more your legs and buttocks gets toned, and the more your vagina gets tightened. Always hesitate to participate in swimming activities to maintain your vagina rigidity regularly.


Running also strengthens the muscles of the lower body; it is really good to run one mile every day to strengthen the legs. If you want to put in more ability and agility in your running activities, then you need to run uphill’s. This can really work on the glutes as well as the Adductor Magnus muscle near the vagina. To make sure benefits are sure and to attain the optimum result, run at least twice or once a day.

Skating and cross-country skiing

Set out and gliding! Skating is a splendid exercise that specifically works on the cardiovascular system and the muscle. It is also a fun-filled kind of exercise. If you are capable and fit, you should engage in cross-country skiing. It does not really work only on the glutes, but this exercise also plays a vital role in the muscles of the upper region. Don’t forget that you are also involving the same muscles you used for swimming and running which means skating and cross-country skiing can increase the toning of the pelvic muscles.

Cycling, tennis, and volleyball

The downward part of the body is very important for cycling. It an efficient downward body and short impact exercise that tones and make the glutes stronger. Involve the glutes when trying seat as you encounter hard times when trying to climb hills and also try to move your buttocks backward over the seat when standing.


Tennis involves running around just like the running exercise. Even the forward movement and backward movement on the tennis court also strengthen the legs and some other parts of the body in the lower region. The tennis kind of sporting activity also involves scheming the walls of the pelvic region likewise the buttocks and the legs. Even volleyball involves the same method in tennis which is moving around, but forward and backward. This helps your loosened vaginal region to become tight.


Kegel is also a vagina tightening exercise. Kegel is an effective practical exercise that tightens your vagina; it concentrates on the muscles that back up your pelvic floor and shapes the foundation of the vagina. By the practice of kegel, you would not just be empowering your pubococcygeus muscles, other muscles that are found on the pubococcygeus floor would be strengthened too. Kegel exercise also helps in preventing conditions like incontinence that results when muscles that back up the urethra are weakened.


Squatting is another vagina tightening exercise without permanent supervision once the basics are gotten; it aids to instantaneously and regains the lost tightness naturally. Doing squats very well implies standing with your feet outside of hip width, with your toes positioned out for about thirty degrees and making sure your feet are on the same level. You first of all break at your hip then you pretend to seat on an invisible bench. Squatting can be a dangerous exercise; therefore a trainer should be hired for guidance.


Engaging in this sports activities not just keep you fit count, it fills you with suppleness, sexual confidence, self-esteem and athletic grace. With these few explained sporting activities, you won’t face any difficulty in tightening your vagina. It is less expensive, convenient and durable. It is just a matter of self-confidence and strength to start up, and when you do, you will be surprised at the rate in which the problems of your loosened vagina will be solved within the twinkle of an eye. So my advice to women that have not been engaging themselves in sporting activities is that they should try and do so because it is natural and one of the best ways to bring back your vagina to its original state. recommends V Tight Gel to Make your Vagina Tight again!
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