Practice these simple methods to keep your vagina clean and smell good

How to Wash Your Vagina

The smell of the vagina varies depending on the sanitation maintained by a woman. If you ask this question to a man, the replies will range from sexy to fishy, and the taste is salty to bitter. This scent and taste of the vagina is a combination of various factors. These factors seem to be true to all women no matter what age or background they are from. While many women avoid discussing this, it is no secret that every female wants her vagina to be clean and have a pleasant fragrance. The smell of each woman’s vagina is different and unique. That said it should also be noted that a fresh and clean vagina will not smell bad.

Check out the causes first

Before we go about the treatment or necessary steps to keep your vagina clean, check out if there is any reason to have a bad smelling vagina. If you are conscious about your hygiene and have always kept your vagina clean then reading the tips will help you in further caring for your body. However, if you suspect there is something wrong down there and a bad smell is arising then you need to check out the reasons behind it.

Possible Causes

  • Infections – In most cases, if a woman has a smelly vagina then the cause behind this is going to be an infection down there. Ranging from yeast to bacterial infections, there are many different varieties of infections that can happen. Other vaginal infections that are expected to occur are STIs, STDs and even viruses such as herpes. Apart from these infections, some severe reasons might be behind it too; some of which are internal ruptures in the vagina to even cancer in the vagina. In case there is an odor in the vagina and if it keeps recurring, then it better to keep track of your body for symptoms and then check with a doctor.
  • Intercourse – It is obvious that sexual intercourse will result in bodily odor. Since the vagina has a prevailing pH balance happening, any other chemical or fluid inside the vagina will change the balance of it. So the introduction of discharges from the male’s body will improve the pH balance of the vagina which will, in turn, cause a bad scent.
  • Other objects – It seems to happen more often than women forget to remove tampons inserted in their vagina after their menstrual period is over. Sometimes a just-in-case tampon is placed inside the vagina before the menstrual cycle occurs and they forget about it. This leads to a change in the pH balance and causes unwanted bacterial flow. As a result rotten stench follows.
  • Hygiene factors – If a lady does not follow proper hygiene, it will result in bacterial growth in the vulva or vagina. Even if it does not lead to infection, there are chances that this might deliver a reek.

Simple steps for a Clean and Fresh Vagina

  • Take baths regularly – It is no surprise that taking regular baths will keep our body clean and fresh which includes our lady parts. Showering and washing one’s body regularly will help in smelling good. This helps in preventing a build-up of unwanted bacteria.
  • Choose the right soap – There is a reason they are called sensitive parts. Use of any harsh soap materials will be harmful to your vagina. Heavily perfumed or scented soaps will contain chemicals which are not healthy for the vagina.
  • Avoid douching – Douching is done by many females thinking that it will clean their vagina properly. Douching is when extensive cleaning is done in the vagina including the inner lines. While this is done, the bacteria that are lined up in the inner walls of the vagina is washed off. This is the good bacteria which help in fighting the growth of any harmful bacteria in the vagina.
  • Wipe properly – When you wipe your vagina after using the toilet you have to make sure you do it right. The right direction is from front to back. If this is not done properly, then it can lead to a build-up of residue which can lead to bacterial growth.
  • Choose safe products – Make sure you use the right products around the vagina. Any lubricant which is not water or silicone based will result in an infection. After usage, the lubricant should be adequately cleaned. Products which have a strong fragrance will have dyes and chemicals that might cause an infection. So choose light scented natural products.
  • Clean and fresh underwear – Underwear should be changed in a maximum span of 24 hours. Beyond that, it will result in a bacteria build up. Wearing cotton underwear will allow the vagina to breathe. In other words, there will be air circulation in the vagina which will prevent unwanted bacteria.
  • Perfume in the right distance – While it is mentioned that using perfume around the vagina is not suitable, wearing a lightly scented perfume around the region of the upper thighs will stimulate good fragrance and will not affect the vagina.
  • Eat properly – What you eat matters. The diet will affect the smell of your vagina and bodily fluids. Taking less sugar, in taking pineapple, consuming yogurt can be practiced to have a decent aroma around your body.
  • Shave regularly – While pubic hair will not directly cause any stench, there are chances that it might lead to bacterial growth. This will, in turn, produce a reek. Shaving the pubic hair regularly is an excellent option to keep the pleasant smell going on. If shaving is not an option trimming the pubic hair to a short level will also help this issue.

Knowing the cause behind the odor build up will help in eliminating the issue. Also, practicing the methods mentioned above will keep the vagina clean and fresh for a more extended period. recommends V Tight Gel to Make your Vagina Tight again!
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