Does Breastfeeding change the way your Vagina smells?

Does Breastfeeding change the way your Vagina smells?

So many ask “does breastfeeding change the way your vagina smell” The answer to this question is simple if you are a breastfeeding mother or if you were! It is natural for the vagina to change odor during breastfeeding, and the vagina might keep being dry and sore for sometimes until you stop breastfeeding your baby. You may be wondering why this is so. If you are still breastfeeding the baby, then don’t you worry because it is a normal thing for all breastfeeding mothers! It is even safe to say that the baby you are breastfeeding is having a significant influence on you! If you should keep on reading this, you will discover the reason for your vaginal odor change and the ways you can speedily cure it.

Why breastfeeding change the odor of your vagina

Breastfeeding can change the odor of your vagina due to the hormones in your body which are associated with the lactation. These hormones cause the vaginal secretion which is those changes that usually connect to menopause. It suppresses the estrogen that is produced by ovaries and not only changes the normal odor of your vagina but makes the vagina susceptible to vaginal infections. Women who engage in exclusive breastfeeding can tell you that there is a transformative experience during breastfeeding. Breastfeeding transforms both in and out of the body to the extent your whole body will change in appearance and emotionally too.

Hormones stimulate vaginal discharge during breastfeeding, and enhance the release of oxytocin and prolactum. It is also known that breastfeeding restricts the formation of estrogen hormone and because of that, it alters the health of a woman as well as changes the health of the vagina. It is encouraging to know that most of the experience women suffer during this stage of their life is not permanent. All women undergo this experience too so if you do too, there is no need for alarm! Just take note of the changes and their causes so that you can forever handle them. Bear in mind that they are not going to be there forever!

Reasons for the odor change in the vagina

Let us trace some reasons for the odor change in the vagina. The vagina holds both harmful bacteria and good ones. The good one is supposed to keep your vaginal balance normal. However, as you undergo changes caused by pregnancy and breastfeeding, they can’t maintain their former duties, and that is what creates an imbalance in the vagina and odor; though you have to give your gynecologists phone calls if notice these abnormalities. It might be that you have strange things down there!

Furthermore, you will experience a drier vagina and some itching too. This is due to a shortage of estrogen, so there is the possibility that the fluid which protects the vaginal walls is loosened. The itching is due to the dryness of the vagina, but if it is painful each time you urinate, then you should consult your doctor.

Now, your vagina will smell a lot. Many women complain about this! There is no proves to back up this issue. The only thing known about this is that the change in the hormone causes this change in the vagina. The vagina tissues grow thinner because of the production of little estrogen and become less acidic. This will result in the odor change in your vag. If this change tends to become foul in a strange way, consult the gynecologist.

Discharges are common during breastfeeding and this can also alter the odor of the vagina. There are many reasons for these discharges; Lochia is one of them. Lochia is a medical condition where there are bloody discharges from your body. It usually occurs during childbirth and extends to the breastfeeding period. Breastfeeding mothers can also see brownish or pink discharge which studies states that they might be her period which could have come in full if not for the breastfeeding process. There is irregular menstruation during this period, and when it comes, it looks completely different from what it used to be. Therefore a normal period will come after she must have experienced some months of pink and brownish secretions.

In most cases, the woman may have a clear, milky and white secretion as she breastfeeds also. This is a sign of her ovulation period. This will keep them alert to the fact that they can get pregnant during breastfeeding too. That is why most of them are advised to get a family planning expert who will advise them on what they should do.

Dryness of the vagina

During breastfeeding, there is a reduction in the level of estrogen production thereby causing dryness of the region. This dryness will make sex painful and also cause itching. Now as you get the itching effect on your down part, you will not hesitate in soothing it. This may lead to odor. Then you must undergo sex, make it slow and gentle to avoid discomfort band odor too.

You may be prone to infections

The changes due to breastfeeding may cause so many infections due to the imbalance in the vagina. This is one of the things that cause the odor change down there! Once you notice all these, call your doctor especially when it’s complicated!


Thus, the answer to the question “Does breastfeeding change the way your vagina smells?” is yes! It does! It alters everything in you, both in and out! Your vagina is not an exception! However, it is a great consolation to know that you are not alone in this journey. Moreover, even when it does change your vagina odor, it is a temporary issue that will always go away. The only complicated case will be when they are associated with other things like itching and pains. Then you can always go for a check-up with your doctor because this is the best time for evading bacteria to lodge into your body. recommends V Tight Gel to Make your Vagina Tight again!
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