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Facial Exercises – How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles Around Eyes

How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles Around Eyes

These are the easiest and most beneficial exercises we have found to get rid of wrinkles, crow’s feet, the bags, and the dark circles which develop under your eyes as you age.

As well as doing them every day to help give you a more youthful, firmer appearance, these four exercises are great for those mornings when you’re tired and you want to reduce the puffiness under your eyes.

Do each exercise for at least a minute a day. This will achieve long-lasting results in a matter of weeks, although you will see benefits in just a day or two. The exercises work not only on toning the muscles around your eyes, but they also increase the blood flow to the muscles and the skin. This effect, along with your daily phytoceramide pill, will help you drop years from your face.

It is a good idea to do the exercises in front of a mirror, to make sure you are doing them correctly, and also to check that you are not frowning in concentration as do them.

Exercise One

Place the tip of your forefinger between your eyebrows, where you will feel a small depression. Pressing firmly, but not so much that it hurts, make small inward circles with your fingertip – so that if you take your finger away and look at it, it will be moving in a clockwise direction.

This simple yet powerful exercise helps soften the lines between your eyebrows and as a side benefit, it also helps to eradicate frown lines on your forehead.

Exercise Two

This exercise works to remove the wrinkles which emanate outwards from your eyes.

Place the tip of each forefinger at the outward point of your eyes. Using firm pressure again, make small outward circles on the thin skin there, pressing against the eye socket bone but without pushing into the eyes themselves.

Exercise Three

In this exercise, we focus on the same eye points as in Exercise 2. With your thumbs pointing downwards, and your fingers resting on top of your head (so your elbows are sticking out sideways), put the pad of each thumb on that outer point of your eyes.

Now squeeze your eyes tightly shut, press your thumbs against the eye socket bone, and slide your thumbs back towards your temples while counting to five. Repeat this move ten times.

This powerful exercise targets and eliminates crow’s feet and wrinkles around your eyes.

Exercise Four

This is a great exercise to eliminate dark circles under your eyes, and it also breaks down the fatty deposits in the eye bags, which make them look so puffy and give you what one of our friends call the hound dog look.

Place the tip of each forefinger directly under your pupil, on the eye socket bone. Again, pressing firmly, make small outward circles on the bone socket, but without pushing into your eyes.

Water, Water, Water!

Don’t forget that cutting down on coffee, tea, and soda, and drinking more water also greatly helps reduce bags and dark circles under your eyes, by flushing toxins from your system.

Drinking more water every day was a big problem for us, as the three of us are real coffee junkies. So we replace one cup of coffee with a glass of water in the mornings, and the same in the afternoons and in the evenings.

One Step At A Time

So there we have them. The key to all exercises is to persevere with them. Don’t expect instant results, despite what some people out there will tell you. It’s persistence that brings about results, and we set aside just five minutes a day to do these exercises, and the three of us have achieved some really satisfying results in getting a much more youthful and toned appearance around our eyes.

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