Finding your G-Spot

How To Find Your G Spot

You are a greenhorn, and you seriously want to find out how to find your G-spot. With this little write up of mine. I will like to guide and teach you how to find your G-spot without much stress. The males will also learn much after reading this too. This writes up of mine will also tell you the reason why most women don’t find their G-spot easily.


The G-spot was called G-spot because it is the men target during sexual intercourse. The G-spot focuses on the length at which you can take your man and how deep you are. If you want to achieve the earth-shattering vaginal orgasm, the G-spot is the key. G-spot isn’t just a distinct part of your body anatomy; it is not a separate spot. Instead, it is part of your clitoral network. It turns out that the pea-sized nub where the inner labia is the tip of the clitoris, which divided into two that is 4inches long.

Where is the G-spot?

The G-spot is about two to three inches or 5 to 7.5cm inside the vagina on the anterior wall. Anterior wall is the side of your vagina that is very close to your stomach. If your G-spot should be touched by you, you will have this feeling that it is slightly different from the rest of your vagina. It feels like the upper part of your mouth but it is softer in your hand and slightly dimpled.

How to find your G-spot with your hand

If you want to see your G-spot with your fingers, slide your hand down your stomach, with that same hand, you push down your vagina. Then dip either one or two fingers and curl yours backward, immediately they are two to three inches deep inside your vagina. After this, you should be able to figure out your G-spot and feel it with your fingertips. It is very similar in all women to locate their G-spot. However, some women find it very hard in discovering or finding their G-spot. They might believe that they don’t have it from birth. There is no need to worry, this write-up of mine you will see it sooner because am going to explain further.

Why you can’t find your G-spot

Women that find it hard to discover or can’t find their G-spot, this explains it. You must be in the mood for sex to find your G-spot. If you are not aroused, then you will find it difficult to locate your G-spot. For example, should it be that your gynecologist presses or massages your G-spot area, when he’s running a test on you, you would not be aroused? However, if you are in the mood or you have been stimulated by your partner and eventually touches your G-spot, you will feel incredibly pleasurable.

Reasons why you must be aroused before you can be able to find your G-spot

There is a part in your vagina that is above your G-spot, and it is called the urethral sponge. This urethral sponge of yours contains a gland known as skene’s gland. Once you are aroused, the Skene’s gland enlarges and fills the fluid. With the Skene’s gland enlarging and expanding more and more, your G-spot will become sensitive, will protrude and becomes prominent in your vagina. If you aren’t aroused, your G-spot will not be sensitive, that is why it won’t be easy for you to find your G-spot. Don’t forget that what I am trying to explain to you is why you encounter difficulties while trying to locate your G-spot. Whenever you have your sexual partner around you, try to give him a romance, in that way you will get yourself aroused thereby making it easier for you to locate your G-spot.

Maybe you have been practicing my tips so far to the extent of using masturbation techniques to make yourself aroused, and you can’t still locate your G-spot, here is the reason for it:
Skene’s gland has different sizes in every woman’s vagina. Maybe your Skene’s gland is tiny naturally, that is why your G-spot will never get protruded and sensitive that much, even if you are highly turned up. This makes it almost impossible to have an orgasm.

There are many other ways to satisfy yourself sexually if you can’t find your G-spot:

  • With clitoral stimulation.
  • Masturbation of tips.
  • Also, with the use of other masturbation technique like a sex toy.

The best sex position to stimulate the G-spot

If you want to experience G-spot stimulation when you are having sex, some positions will make you achieve this. Remember when trying these styles don’t be too turned on, so that you will figure out the type of stimulation you are enjoying. Below are some of the best sex positions to stimulate the G-spot:

The cowgirl position: during this style you allow your sex partner lay on the ground with their back, and then you sit on top of him. With this position, you can completely control the rhythm, depth, and length at which he penetrates and also concentrates on finding your G-spot in your vagina.

Doggy style: when carrying out this style the woman positions herself like a dog and the sex partner penetrates from behind. You can also lean down on your forearm or move you hip from side to side to change the angle of penetration.

Maximizing G-spot, stimulation, angle, and depth

During the time you are having sex with your partner, or a sex toy, you will feel like increasing the level of stimulation your G-spot is receiving. It is also the length of your sex partner or sex toy enters your vagina and how deep he is inside your vagina when trying to hit the G-spot. If you notice that the length at which he enters your vagina is not giving you pleasure enough to satisfy our desire, then he should penetrate to a deeper angle. Do the same when you are penetrating yourself with a sex toy. recommends V Tight Gel to Make your Vagina Tight again!
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