How can I reach my Orgasm?

How can I reach my Orgasm?

Many women are struggling to get to the orgasm while masturbating or especially in other types of sex. However, after reading this article of mine, you will find out some tips that will help you know how to find your orgasm, which you call sexual pleasure. I want to start with the fact that ejaculation or Cumming are not implied in the orgasm. Many females can’t produce ejaculation during the time they are experiencing orgasm. It shouldn’t be the primary target in any sexual experience, reaching of your orgasm doesn’t mean the sex was successful, the most enjoyable part Is having series of emotions, sensitive reactions and it is vital to notice this when you have the sexual experience. I want to give this little advice of mine to people who masturbate. It is essential for you to keep your masturbating object clean and sanitized before and after using it. This includes fingers, toys and many other objects you use for pleasure. Find a quiet area to concentrate on yourself, you lay your back and relax, make sure to have privacy; this is very important to do. Let go of other stresses and focus on yourself, then let the sensations run all over through your nerves in your body.

Orgasm is the peak of sexual pleasure, distinguished by delightful emotions centered in the vagina and for men, it is seen as an accompaniment to ejaculation. Orgasm can also be referred to as “Climaxing” or “Cumming.”

What happens during an orgasm?

Orgasm applies to both men and women. After knowing what orgasms mean, we also need to know what happens when men and women orgasm.

When you get to an orgasms level, you notice a fast beating of the heart and also quick and heavy breathing.

During orgasm in women, there is this deeply pleasurable release of sexual tension followed by the contraction the genitalia.

When there is continuous stimulation in women, there be continuous orgasm shortly after the first.

During orgasm, few women experience ejaculation and notice a fluid spurts from gland nearer to the urethra; this gland is called the Skene’s gland.

There is a contraction of the muscle in men during orgasm which causes them to ejaculate. After ejaculating, it takes some time for a man to orgasm again. This recovery process in which the testicles and penis go back to their normal size can last for a few minutes to a few hours.

Causes of orgasm problems in women

The causes of orgasm problems could be physical problems of physiological problems, and some of these problems include:

  • Insufficient stimulation
  • When you worry much about sexual performance
  • Mood disorder such as depression
  • Phobia for sex of lack of knowledge of sex
  • Past saddening sexual experience
  • Menopause
  • Relationship problems

When can orgasm problem start?

Orgasm problems could start at any stage:

  • Primary: which is when the woman and has never experienced orgasm before
  • Secondary: meaning she has experienced orgasm before and cannot experience anymore.

Where to acquire help if any time you have problems with your orgasm?

For those that find it difficult to have an orgasm, you need to visit a genitourinary medicine clinic or visit a general practitioner.

They will be in a better position to cheek for any physical reason that might be causing the problem. However, if it is a physiological cause, it is recommended you visit a therapist or a doctor. Also, note that psychosexual therapy could also help a woman solve her orgasm problems. It entails the woman exploring her feelings about sex, her relationship and herself.

Reach your orgasm:

Method 1

Without the use of a sex toy: You can also masturbate with your fingers. Just use fingers to rub and massage your genital softly. No need to insert the fingers inside your vaginal canal, but if you want to insert your finger you are free. Just rub the vulva up and down, concentrate on the clitoris. You should rub your clitoris in a random motion, up and down or other sides you want that makes a great pleasure. If you still want the pleasure you are feeling to increase, you can use a lubricant (cream), even If it is self-lubrication or store bought. An example of a lubricant is KY jelly. KY jelly increases stimulation. We also suggest that you use your three weakest fingers (the pinky, middle and ring fingers) that are when your index finger is now too intensive. If your vagina is loosened after trying this, then you try and keep the smaller finger inside you and see if you will feel the pleasure you need. Most women only achieve climax via coital stimulation (vaginal-penetration). There’s another sensation spot known as the G-spot that is on the anterior wall that makes you feel pleasurable when you are giving the attention and the right pressure you need.

Method 2

Playing with water: Means letting running water flow into your clitoris and vulva. It gives the same pleasurable feeling as a vibrator. During the time the water is leaking inside your raw genitalia, your clitoris will start becoming erected because of the aroused body. You can even insert the hand-held shower head inside your vagina because it has its different functions. You can use a Jacuzzi or a special jet in the bathtub or utilize the faucet to be pouring water on your clitoris.

Method 3

Riding: it depends on you to masturbate with or without clothes on. Another way to reach your orgasm is to ride a not-too-hard object that is at a corner where you can climb on it, letting it penetrate your vagina and you ride on It., but make sure the purpose is sanitary and neat before and after use.

You can start your effective masturbation with it. After becoming comfortable with your body system and received the kind of pleasure you want then you can go for other masturbation methods and toys to increase your experience. recommends V Tight Gel to Make your Vagina Tight again!
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