How Do Vaginas Become Loose?

How Do Vaginas Become Loose?

The vagina is the muscular part of the female reproductive organ. It is the opening connecting the uterus to the external part of the female reproductive organ. The mammalian vagina is soft and elastic in nature. The lining which produces the lubricant and the sensation is flexible. The baby passes through the vagina during childbirth, and it is the organ for sex in mammals. There is a thin membrane surrounding and narrowing opening of the vagina which is called the hymen. The vagina is one of the functional parts of the mammalian body.

There are many beliefs about the vagina these days as to what loosens it. So many people are of the opinion that it gets loose because of childbirth; while others opt that it is too much sexual intercourse. They believe that frequent intercourse can lead to the vagina loosening to the extent it can’t come back to its form again or having to overstretch it during childbirth. What is the truth belying these misconceptions? How do vaginas become loose?

In this article, there are so many things you will learn about this delicate part of your body which will help you to demystify the mystery behind vagina loosening! Read along and let’s see what the outcome will be!

How does the vagina work?

Briefly, the workings of a vagina are as simple as ABC in the sense that it is elastic which stretches and relaxes when needed. It stretches to accept things coming in like the penis or sex toys and stretches to allow the passage of anything going out such as the baby. The miracle lies in its ability to go back to the normal status before the work it did. It might loosen slightly with age or the number of children that passed through it, but its muscles will retract like a plastic band or the accordion after expanding.

I know that you are saying now if my thoughts are not correct, how then do vaginas become loose?

There is something you need to take note of before we lounge fully into the reasons for the loosening of the vag. That is the fact that vaginas come in different sizes like the male organ. So have you checked the size of your vag before you say anything about its loosening? Maybe it is within its size range.

Another issue is to note that during intercourse, it opens only when the woman is fully aroused, then tightens around the penis to make the couple feel satisfied. After that, it relaxes back to its normal position before the change just like a normal elastic string. There is never an issue of the vagina losing its elasticity due to frequent sex.


The rumor that childbirth helps to loosen the vagina has an atom of truth in it but it is not entirely correct. The multiple births can help to make it lose it tautness just briefly, and then it will normalize again. After childbirth, you may feel slightly loose down there. The feeling is normal, but it will snap back within a short time. If you want to quicken it, do some exercises to tighten the vagina muscle. Don’t conclude that it is the birth of your child that caused it. Of course, it played a part but not totally.


The primary factor responsible for the loosening of the vagina, if ever gets loose, is age. During old age, there won’t be enough production of the hormone estrogen. Also, once its level diminishes, the vaginal walls will become more elastic, less acidic, drier and thinner. Age can make the vagina lose its tautness. The effect will be more pronounced during menopause. It is not the parameter for weighing the wideness of the vagina. You can only check if your vagina is loose by inserting two of your fingers into the vaginal opening and then, try tightening or contracting your vagina muscular walls around your fingers to feel it. Alternatively, you can do it with your partner’s penis during sexual intercourse. If he penetrates, you try tightening your vaginal muscles around him. This will arouse him the more and that way you will be able to know how to lose it is.

How to tighten your Loose Vagina

If you eventually find out that it is loose and you want to correct it, you can go ahead to do some exercises which may help tighten it as follows;

Do some pelvic exercises like kegel, pelvic tilt, vaginal cones exercises, or the ultimate neuromuscular electrical stimulation.

Pelvic exercises can help you strengthen the vagina muscles thereby supporting your rectum, small intestine, bladder, and uterus. This is because a weak pelvic muscle can help to weaken your organ such that you may accidentally pass wind or leak urine. You can also have the need for constant urination, pains in the pelvic area and during intercourse. So it is good to engage in such exercises. Medical practitioners in this field think that these exercises can help you to tighten and tone the vagina. They will hinder urinary incontinence, help you to ejaculate and catalyze orgasmic awareness. If you can make them the order of the day, just like any other muscular workout, you will feel that the vagina is tighter even at forty and above!


For those women who worry over how lose their vaginas is, there are some vital things you have to know about vaginas. They come in different sizes, how large it is, depends on the former size and how big you are naturally. It is also important to know that too tight a vagina is not always good because it has its disadvantages. If the vagina is too tight during sexual intercourse, it means that you are not aroused yet. It is the work of your partner to do that. However, if it happens to be that they are not relaxed after too many trails, it means that you will have to suffer much discomfort during penetration and sex. As for those women who are worried as to if theirs is loose, check by putting your fingers and contracting your vaginal walls around them to know how loose or tight it is. You can as well do it with your partner’s organ. Then try to engage in a kegel exercise which will help to tighten it and help you to attain a better orgasm. Do all this for a healthier, tighter vagina, and a happier longer life. recommends V Tight Gel to Make your Vagina Tight again!
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