How To Get Rid Of Gray Hair Naturally

There are no two ways about it. We associate how to get rid of gray hairgetting gray hair with aging.

Finding your first gray hair is a milestone many of us don’t enjoy reaching; and if your hair turns gray in your 20s or 30s, we call it ‘premature graying’. In fact, we so don’t want to have gray hair that the hair coloring industry is worth billions of dollars a year in the US alone.

As you know, we here at The Best Phytoceramides Reviews love natural solutions, and there are some great natural remedies for reversing gray hair without the need for potentially toxic and unnatural hair dyes. But first, let us take a quick look at why we go gray.

Why Does Our Hair Go Gray?

In reality, our hair is transparent, but in each follicle there are cells called melanocytes. These are responsible for producing pigments, and one of these pigments is called melanin which is the stuff that gives your hair its color.

However, when the melanocytes in your hair follicles die or stop producing melanin, your hair goes transparent and takes on a ‘gray’ appearance.

In order to prevent even more of your melanocytes from dying, and to also restore them in your follicles so they start producing melanin – in other words to turn your gray hair back to its original color – you need to take certain vitamins and minerals which help with the production of melanocytes.

These are Vitamins A and B, as well as folic acid, copper, zinc, and iron. The following remedies are rich in these nutrients, and have proven to restore gray hair to its original color.

Oral remedies

Blackstrap molasses

This is a fantastic way to get rid of gray hair. It’s rich in all of the nutrients which restore gray hair to its natural color. Many people only take this supplement and nothing else, swearing by its ability to bring your original hair color back. For best results take 2 tablespoons a day, using it instead of sugar in your hot drinks, on your cereal, or simply take it by itself. It’s available from all good Health Food stores or direct from Amazon here.


Fo-ti is a great anti aging product. This is our favorite anti-gray hair supplement of all. It’s a Chinese herb also known as He shou wu, which means “black-haired Mr He” in Chinese. This name refers to the tale of an older villager named Mr He who took fo-ti and restored his black hair, his youthful appearance and his vitality.

Fo-ti can be taken in tablet form, used as a raw root itself, or as a tea. You can buy Fo-ti from good Health Food stores, from Chinese supermarkets, or you can order it online from here.

Cereal grasses

Cereal grasses such as barley and wheat are a great source of Vitamins A and B as well as copper, iron, silica, and zince. These cereal grasses should be taken every day either in cereal form or as a supplement.

Colloidal copper

Taken as a supplement, colloidal copper has many amazing qualities including improving healthy skin, helping to strengthen bones, helping to ease arthritis, sciatica, Wilson’s disease, and rheumatism. And on top of all that it restores your natural hair colour. Brilliant! You can buy colloidal copper supplements from good Health Food stores or you can order it online from here.

Topical remedies

There are also some great natural and home-made remedies which you can apply directly to your hair which will restore your hair to its natural color.

Gooseberries and coconut oil

Crush fresh gooseberries with coconut oil and rub the mixture into your scalp every night. Leave from 30 minutes to an hour and then rinse out.

Rosemary and Sage

Take half a cup of rosemary and half a cup of sage. Boil them in water for 30 minutes and then allow to cool for 3 hours. Apply the liquid to your hair and scalp, let it dry and then wash your hair with natural shampoo. Repeat once a week.

Olive oil and Black Seed oil

Mix equal amounts of olive oil and black seed oil together and massage into your scalp. Leave on your hair for an hour and then wash off with warm water. Repeat this every day.

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