How to Have Vaginal Sex

Vaginal Sex

Someone may ask, what is this all about vaginal sex? Do people still ask such questions in this modern time? Yes to you, it is a common question, but what of teenagers who don’t even know the meaning of vaginal sex? Don’t you think they have the right to know now before it is too late? Anyway whatever the case may be, you will know the meaning of vaginal sex before we lounge into how to have vaginal sex!

What do we mean by vaginal sex?

Vaginal sex is also known as vaginal intercourse. This is a kind of union where a man fixes the male reproductive organ otherwise known as the penis into the woman’s vagina. Vaginal sex is the only type of sex that can lead to pregnancy. There are also oral, anal, mutual masturbation and frequent masturbation. Vaginal sex is painful in the case of a woman that is still a virgin. However, if you are into it already, it might not hurt you. In virgin, it hurts due to the removal of the hymen which is a tissue inside the vagina. It is possible though that you have stretched it earlier in the time past due to one exercise or the other. In that case, it will not be a painful experience. Vaginal sex can also hurt both partners if the woman is not ready or aroused if the vagina is not lubricated naturally. People want to have an artificial lubricant by using pre-lubricated condoms or engaging in foreplay to get the woman ready both physically and emotionally.

Safety in vaginal sex

There is nothing like safe vaginal sex since every time you have it; you are at risk of contracting an STD or getting pregnant. You can only have safe vaginal sex if you adhere to instructions. For instance, you can use a condom anytime you want to engage in it, and make sure you follow all the rules so that you will be safe. Make sure you maintain one partner at a time who is faithful too.

How to have virginal sex without getting pregnant?

When you have vag sex, there is no assurance that you will not get pregnant even if you use a condom.

All the same, it can give you some percentage of assurance if you keep to the rules. Then are you afraid of having issues, then go for family planning pills out there in the hospital for better planning. Even at that, you still have to use a condom for safety.

How to have vaginal sex?

With some of the things said, it is time to know how to go into vaginal sex.

Vaginal sex is fun and satisfying! However, if you are to try it for the first time, and don’t know what to do, then this article is for you! There are steps laid down for you below!

The first thing to do is to find out whether your partner is ready to engage in sex. The entire process can turn sour if your partner is not experienced or is not prepared to have vaginal sex with you. You wouldn’t want anybody filling used or cheated. You should check if the person feels keen in staying with you physically, touching you or has proximity towards you all the time. Then you should try asking to be sure because you might mistake that to be sexual arousal while it is not.

Another step is to get prepared

It is not what you should jump into without knowing the merits and demerits. You can only feel happy if the merits are more than the demerits! For example, it can make you feel happy, burn your excess calories and beat down depression. It is also for both pleasure and procreation. Then is that all? What of the dangers of having to contact STDs? So, are you forgetting emotional setbacks? Therefore, you have to make up your mind that you want to engage in it properly. Pick up your condom, get your pills ready. Also, if it is a one night stand get prepared for it and treat it forthwith! However, if it is a long-term relationship, you should have yourself well prepared for what your body wants.

Talk about it with your partner

Ask your partner if he has protection. If there is none, get what you want for goodness sake! Tell him what this could lead to. Then be sure of what he wants, so that you will not be disappointed tomorrow. If the case is no strings attached, be prepared for it, if that is what you want too. Make sure there is no repetition of the condom.

Set the mood by choosing a suitable location

Vaginal sex is intimate and needs an appropriate spot where there will be privacy. A good soft bed, get a nice light that will set the mood. This will help arouse both of you and make it easier. And try to get in the mood.

Approach your partner gently

Don’t seem to be in haste. If you come on too fast and pushy, the other party can lose interest in the act. Play cool and gentle and allow your partner the time to express the heartfelt love too. Even if you are ready, you can back off if your partner is not responding. If you are close, you can ask if he or she wants to take the risk. It worth asking. Caress and kiss your partner into the mood. This will help to stimulate the erogenous zones, and this is another step forward to the pleasurable experience.

Try foreplay to get her more ready

You have gotten to the stage where you can undress gradually. Remove one piece at a time. Let it be a mystery. So many people are of the opinion that vaginal sex is just penetration. That is not true at all. Foreplay is the act you engage into before penetration which involves, kissing and fondling your partner to action. Both male and female love to be touched and feel wanted. So to be ready, you should do much foreplay. Then it will be time for insertion. After everything, you both are ready. Choose the right moment for penetration. Let both partners help in the act to avoid pains. While on the act, the man will move rhythmically to ensure that the woman is getting pleasure while the woman will do likewise too. After the climax, allow your partner to be in that state for some time and don’t rush things up! The last phase is always lovely, so make your partner feel comfortable.


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