How to maintain a clean Vagina

how to clean your vagina

The vagina, as we all know, is a part of the female genitalia. It is also one of the most important organs of the female reproductive system. It aids childbearing, menstruation. It is essential we keep the vagina in a clean and healthy state both for your comfort and physical wellbeing. Though it is self-cleansing but yet there are some things one can do to keep the surrounding of the vagina clean and healthy. The vagina has a moist environment which makes it susceptible to infections if not taken good care of.

Remember that you don’t only take care of the vagina only, you should also keep the surrounding of the vagina clean, like the vulva and the pubic region. There are some reasons why you should always keep your vagina and its surrounding clean, like going through menopause period, menstrual period and childbearing. And not only that, the vagina is always covered, due to this, it undergoes sweating most especially if you don’t wear underwears that aid ventilation. Because of these reasons, the vagina should be kept clean at all time to avoid unpleasant odor. Also, note that washing the vagina is not the only way you can keep the vagina clean. You also maintain good vaginal health through what you eat as food and even through constant exercise. Constant exercise such as walking, running or jogging can help keep the pelvic floor under good vaginal health condition thereby ensuring good general health.

If you check the first two paragraphs of this article, you will see where I said that if you don’t keep the vagina clean, you will predispose it to bacteria and infections. Now talking about bacteria in the vagina; we have the good bacteria and the harmful bacteria. The good bacteria are in the vagina for a reason which is to protect the vagina. The harmful bacteria are those I talked about in the first two paragraphs of this write-up. If you don’t keep the vagina clean, you expose it to harmful bacteria and infections. The vagina is said to harbor a good number of bacteria (good bacteria) than any other part of the bowel. Now let’s take a look at some of the importance of the good bacteria in the vagina below:

  • Good bacteria in the vagina dominate or overshadow other harmful bacteria that might want to get into the vagina.
  • They also help keep the level of acidity and alkalinity (PH) of the vagina normal which in turn keeps bacteria level healthy.
  • They also produce some naturally occurring antibiotic like bacteriocins to help minimize or eliminate some other bacteria trying to invade the vagina.
  • The good bacteria in the vagina also manufactures a substance that prevents attacking bacteria’s that sticks to the walls of the vagina from invading the tissues of the vagina.
  • When the normal bacteria balance is affected, it can make the vagina prone to infections and inflammation. The bacteria found in the vagina is called the lactobacilli which help to maintain the PH balance of the vagina, and also deter the formation of other organisms.

Note that the vagina has its PH, but immediately it is affected through increment, its acidity becomes lesser thereby reducing the level of lactobacilli in the vagina which can now arouse other bacteria in the vagina and their activities too. Due to this, the vagina is now opened or susceptible to different infections like thrush and bacterial vaginosis which has symptoms like itching, irritation and abnormal vaginal discharge.

Cleaning your Vagina

  • Because the vagina is self-cleaning, it is not hygienic to use perfumed soap, antiseptics, and gels to wash your vagina because it can disturb the normal PH balance in the vagina. Therefore it is recommended you use soaps without perfume or fragrance to clean the surrounding of the vagina (vulva) every day. The vagina cleans itself using natural vaginal secretion in the body.
  • It is also advisable to clean your vagina more than once daily especially during your menstrual period because keeping the perineal region of the vagina and the anus clean will also reduce the risk of contracting vaginal infections.
  • Another way you can maintain a clean vagina is by locating a very good gynecologist who can run you through tips on how to take care of your vagina even in severe cases.
  • Make sure you put on underwear’s that will allow enough ventilation to your vagina, like underwear’s made with cotton materials. It keeps the vagina fresher and bacteria free.
  • Try not to wash your vagina with soap because it changes the PH level from normal making the vagina more acidic, thereby causing it to disable self-cleansing and making it prone to harmful bacteria and infections.
  • For those using sex toys, ensure you clean always both before and after use with sterile solutions. It is advisable you use a condom to cover the sex toy before use if there is more than one user.
  • Your diet also determines the state of your vagina. Therefore, to maintain a clean vagina, do not eat sugary or fatty foods. They give your vagina an unpleasant odor, instead take fruits like strawberries, pineapple, and garlic.
  • When you are on your menstrual flow, endeavor to use wet wipes and don’t forget to change your sanitary pad every four hours especially if your flow is hefty. This helps to keep your vagina refreshed.
  • Also, regularly wash your beddings to avoid dirt and germs getting into your body.


Women who are finding it difficult to take good care of their vagina, this little article will guide you on how to do that. So my advice to women is that they should learn how to maintain and keep their vagina clean and in a healthy condition because it’s their pride and dignity, and besides no man would love a woman with a dirty vagina. Therefore try to keep your vagina clean to improve your sexual pleasure and relationship. recommends V Tight Gel to Make your Vagina Tight again!
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