How to test your Vaginal PH Balance at Home

How to test your Vaginal PH Balance at Home

If you happen to find sometimes that there are some color changes in your vagina, and you are puzzled over such colors, then try to read this article. You don’t need to worry much for you will brighten up after the little information that is embodied in this write up. This writes up might not be the ultimate, but it will at least try to tell you will the result of your home vaginal PH test is all about.

What is pH balance?

Your body’s pH balance, also referred to as its acid-base balance, is the level of acids and bases in your blood at which your body functions best.

The human body is built to naturally maintain a healthy balance of acidity and alkalinity. The lungs and kidneys play a key role in this process. A normal blood pH level is 7.40 on a scale of 0 to 14, where 0 is the most acidic and 14 is the most basic. This value can vary slightly in either direction.

If the lungs or kidneys are malfunctioning, your blood’s pH level can become imbalanced. Disruption in your acid-base balance can lead to medical conditions known as acidosis and alkalosis. Both conditions require treatment from a medical professional, not simply dietary changes.

Meaning of your home vaginal PH tests

The meaning attached to the color you are seeing could be one of the following;
It may be a pointer to acidity, alkalinity or normal. You can distinguish between these PH levels by conducting a vaginal PH test with the PH test kit. This test kit measures the level of acidity from the PH scale which is from 1-14 depending on the colors. If it falls between 3.8- 4.5, it shows normal. If the PH result is higher or lower than these values, it is abnormal, and this is a good cause for alarm. Normal PH means slightly acidic and slightly basic. However, higher or lower means too acidic and too basic respectively. The PH result does not say that infections or diseases are present neither does it certify their presence. For you to confirm what it is, get a test from the hospital. If there is discomfort or symptoms, get a specialist’s attention because self-medication in the case of abnormal vagina PH level can worsen the situation.

Vagina PH

Importance of vaginal PH balance in the vagina

With PH balance in your vagina, you are free from unfriendly bacteria, and you will be clean always because it has slight acid. If you have an imbalance PH, your vagina area will be itching and irritating you. If your PH is normal, then you will be healthy and protected.

You can help maintain a normal PH by using a PH balancing gel or a vaginal cream on regular bases. That will help you to keep your vaginal surrounding neat and more comfortable. When estrogen is lost or menopause set in, they bring down the rate of lubrication and circulation in your vagina, discard your PH making it more alkaline, and allow you to get infected. However, with the use of a balancing gel or a vaginal cream, you can regulate the loss.

When should one know that she has to take a vaginal test?

Conduct a test once you notice an abnormal vaginal odor, painful discharge, intense and hot itching. Alternatively, any time you see that your vagina is itching, irritating or having grayish-white discharge don’t hesitate to test your PH. If there are other strange things, then you’re good to get a test!

What do I need to get myself tested at home?

It is quite simple. Just think of getting a PH balancing kit, it makes it easy for you to test your PH and correct it with the usage of acidic gel.

How to conduct the PH vaginal test at home?

To test your PH balance, insert the PH strip into your vagina, then press it on the wall of your vagina for a few seconds. Now contrast the PH strip to the supplementary color chart to know your result. If you find out that your PH is more alkaline than it should be, you should not slack back in treating with a PH- balancing gel. The PH balancing gel is added an easy-to-use applicator when packed, so no need asking what measurement should be used.

Again you can use an at-home vaginal PH test kit; this typically includes a part of ph test paper and color chart that helps you determine your vaginal ph result. You can insert the paper into your vagina for thirty seconds, bring it out to compare the ph test paper with the color on the chart. Note that the colors on the chart might not be exactly the color on the ph test paper, but you will choose the color that nearly looks like the color on your ph testing paper. A normal vagina ph should be from 3.8 to 4.5, that is why it is slightly acidic. Remember that not all the infected vagina makes vaginal ph change, this means that having a normal vaginal ph test doesn’t stop you from getting infected. Maybe you have an infection that does not want to show up in the test; if there are no symptoms, your negative result could refer to the possibility of chemical, allergic, or other irritations of the vaginal area.

Results of finding

The loss of estrogen is due to the dryness of the vagina. It can make your vagina accept unwanted bacteria and make your vagina additionally alkaline. The two main reasons for itching, heavy discharge, and irritation are a yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis. The bacteria vaginosis esteem alkaline setting and that is the primary sources or root of strong odor and discomfort in women bodies. It is particularly regular after intercourse when your semen that is the fast alkaline, flings down the vagina’s PH balance very speedily. If you can’t be able to continue robbing enough vaginal cream on your vagina, to keep on normalizing its areas, then your vagina will start becoming vulnerable to diseases and infections. It could also indicate the probability of a yeast disease then you must see your doctor. More information on restoring PH balance in your Vagina here.


Home vaginal ph test illustrates the agreement of a doctor’s diagnosis. Make it a regular habit. Moreover, if you find changes in your vaginal PH, it doesn’t say you have a vaginal infection. Confirm from a hospital and make use of PH balancing gel regularly and after sexual intercourse. Also, it will help your vagina to get back its acidic state. Regular use of vagina cream will preserve your vagina for a healthy surrounding at menopause. recommends V Tight Gel to Make your Vagina Tight again!
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