How Women can enjoy sex in their 40s

sex in your 40s

In the time past, about a hundred years ago, human beings rarely live above the age of forty. However, now, “life they say begins at forty”! Everybody now is looking toward starting a new phase of life at forty. That is a great idea! So, how are you planning on spending your second phase of life? Are you planning to reside in fate which means to be crippled fast? Some are of the opinion that long life does not run in their blood. Not at all! You can create a difference. That is the good news! Turn your life around because your genes play only ten percent part for the length of time you will spend on this life. Experts are of the opinion that your choices determine how long you will live! If you are going to live your life to the fullest, then join us in this little write up as it is going to expose the secret of the life of enjoyment at forty!


Women are sexually aroused in their late thirties than men. The men will get all at a tender age, dump their partners and get as many partners as possible. Then when they are getting older, they will start losing their strength. Maybe that’s nature’s way of getting at them for their former exploits! Or a blessing to that woman who was dumped for a younger woman! Whichever one it is, time of new experience is now. There are ways you can make the best out of your forties. That way, you will set the platform for a healthy life ahead, and prepare your life to see the decades ahead!

Ignore age difference

Once you are clocking forty, like hell, you will be attractive to younger men than your age mates. This is a play of nature on people. So, what are you going to do? If you are those that are skeptical about whom they date, you will not go ahead. That is a life of a fool at forty! I had my friends always telling me about their experiences. I thought in my heart that they are not serious! Till when I clocked forty, I started experiencing it. Wow! The younger men are always telling me they love me. It was a much pleasant experience since I didn’t see what they were seeing, but they insisted on finishing it up!

Look nice and have self-confidence

Ironically, despite your age and your sleek body, trim and smooth, have self-confidence and keep looking nice. You are now a big lady with experience! Gone are those days when you will be mindful of other things than the way you look! Take good care of yourself, and take the bull by the horn! This is the second phase of your life which you shouldn’t let go easily. Make the best out of it! Researchers found out that there is a great relationship between longevity and attractiveness. Those who look nice lived longer than those who were not taking care of their body. So, try to be attractive.

Smile at all times

Be optimistic and smile a lot. It can extend your lifespan and get your attention. A smile can give you vitality and earn you more days. It will help you to fight depression. Once you are in the correct state of mind, you will look more attractive and sexier.

Be conscientious

Conscientiousness is one of the predictors of healthy life. From studies, we know that responsible and diligent women are likely to make the most out of life. They are not prone to sickness and are likely to find happiness in their relationships.

Eat a nice diet

Cut down on meat and go on veggies! This will keep you healthy with a better chance of enjoyment of your sex life. Oreos, bagels and cream cheese, with cakes, are diets for health and vitality. They will help you to enjoy your sex life at forty. Eating nuts will keep you looking healthier.

Sleep naked and don’t despise the fact that you are getting older

Sleeping naked has a lot to play in health. If you sleep naked, you will look younger and sexier because sleeping naked will enhance your anti-aging hormones. Moreover, don’t despise the fact that you are getting older. That alone can make you look too old. Try to be your old self and you will enjoy your 40s.

Rekindle your sex life and meet new people

Don’t let the fire run out. Rekindle your sex life. It will help you to get younger. Don’t let your experience go to waste! Being married and having to take care of your children may make you secluded from your former friends. Now is the time you can enjoy the company of other people. Try to get as many friends as possible.

Dress to suit your age

Dressing well at forty is having confidence, comfort, and elegance. At forty, put on clothes that will make you look and feel good. Try getting new clothes, and you will be okay. Don’t dress as if you are in your early 20s or early 30s.

Walk, or you perform some exercises

If you want to make the best out of your 40s, you have to always take a walk and engage in different sort of exercises to build your muscles, bones and to also keep your heart sound. Because most problem women encounter at their 40s and above revolves around muscle problem, joint problem or bone problem. And if you are having such issues, you won’t be able to make the best out of your 40s.


Forty is the best phase of life for any woman who is ready to make up her mind to have the best out of it. It is also a phase of life in which a woman decides on what to do and what not to do. She takes decisions without anyone questioning her. They say life begins at forty, but I will say it is true for those who want to work towards it. This is your life, live it to the fullest. Don’t listen to what people say, try to recapture lost years of motherhood and stand to your feet. Never go to your bed annoyed! If possible marry anyone who is younger. Go on to places of your choice and make new friends. recommends V Tight Gel to Make your Vagina Tight again!
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