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Isosensual Tight Gel and Pills

Isosensual Tight Gel and Pills


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Isosensual is a well know brand for vaginal tightening, breast enhancement and so on. This product features two formations like gel and pills. Both Isosensual tight gel and pills perform almost the same functions, but the only difference is that one is in the form of gel and the other is in the form of pills. They are both used to help tighten your vagina, to increase the elasticity of your vagina, tighten vagina muscle, supports cleansing of the vagina, lubrication, and libido. This product is produced from a natural ingredient and has attained a considerable success rate of about 97% based on customer reviews. It has no side effect.

Isosensual Tight Gel and Pills

What is isosensual tight gel?

The Isosensual tight gel is a cream containing both national and organic ingredients. The Isosensual gel is always applied directly on the walls of the vagina, and it begins to work after some minutes of application. This gel plays an essential function on the vagina walls by making it denser, changing the shape of the vagina wall and enabling the vagina tissues elastic or flexible. The Isosensual tight gel also has a high calming effect to stop itchiness and help eradicate vaginal odors.

Isosensual Vaginal Rejuvenating Gel Review

Isosensual tightening gel is a cream used to reinstate vaginal rigidity and firmness. This gel starts working immediately when applied, and the positive effect is seen in a short time after application. Before we discuss more about this product from Isosensuals, it is necessary we know how this product work.

Ways in which vaginal tightening gels works

To undo the consequences of aging, changes in hormone, rigidity, vaginal stiffness and softness, these rejuvenating product does this by restructuring the interior walls of the vaginal, restoring the flexibility and softness of the vagina likewise enhancing the tone of the muscle. When using these gels, it promotes a more rigid passage and gives a strong when having sex and it promotes sexual satisfaction for both parties.

Pros and cons of Isosensuals Tight Vaginal Tightening Gel


  • This tightening gel is simple to use, and it’s time-saving. It does not require any preparation like in case of home remedies.
  • It gives an immediate result once it is applied on the affected region.
  • This isosentual tightening gel does not only soothe penetrative intercourse, but it is also for oral intimacy. This because the cream does not contain any taste that could act as a turnoff.
  • This gel can also serve as a lubricant which will prevent you from spending any other money to purchase a lubricant.
  • It has silicon and latex in it, which, therefore, makes it possible to use a condom with it. Also, due to this, it does not allow the condom to break.
  • This gel does not cause any side effect, like irritation on the skin, urinary infections or yeast infection.


  • This tightening gel if much applied can cause over tightening of the vagina which will result to pains during sex.
  • Isosentual tightening gel works temporarily and needs to be repeatedly used.
  • Some women complain that this product always makes their vagina too wet.

How to use isosentual tight gel

Before using isosentual tight gel, make sure you clean your hands properly because your hand is about coming in contact with a sensitive part of your body. Below are the steps on how to use the gel;

  • Gently open the tub containing the cream and then take out some with the tip of your finger.
  • Then you gently put your finger inside your vagina and apply the cream around the vagina wall.
  • Then allow for about ten minutes for the gel to act fully.

Conditions in which you are not allowed to use isosentual vaginal tightening gel

  • Avoid use when you are pregnant.
  • Avoid use if you just put to bed or if you are a lactating mother.
  • Do not use if you have a history of heart problems.
  • Do not apply when you have a severe medical condition.
  • Stop use when you are in your menstrual period.

What are isosensual tight pills?

Isosensual tight pills are capsules that also enhance vaginal tightening. It is a highly suggested product for women that give optimum result. This isotight is hundred percent natural and does not have any side effect. According to different customers’ reviews, it works perfectly, and it is recommended that other can use it because of its high performance, durability, and convenience. These products are used to tighten up your vagina, thereby improving your sexual life and lubricating your vaginal region properly.

Isosentual Tight Vaginal Tightening Pills Review

These tightening pills are tablets which are used to reinstate the effect of aging, changes in hormone and childbirth on the firmness and elasticity of the vaginal. These tightening pills also help those women that experience vaginal dryness as they will help to improve lubrication during sexual intercourse.

How Vagina Tightening Pills Works

Vagina rejuvenating pills make the vagina tight in the sense that it restructures the walls of the vagina and bringing back the flexibility of the vagina wall, thus enhancing muscle tone and suppleness. When you take these pills as a woman, it promotes a tighter passage and firm grip during sex which in turn improves your sexual pleasure. Isosensual pills tighten your vagina without any surgery or home remedies.

Uses of Isosentual Tightening Gel

  • It is used to improve sexual intimacy.
  • Vaginal tightening pills inspire the glands responsible for the generation of vaginal fluid. This helps in the natural lubrication, thus minimizing vaginal dryness.
  • It enhances self-esteem and self-confidence during sex.

Pros and cons of Isosensuals vaginal tightening pills


  • They are produced from ingredients that are 100% natural.
  • It has a high level of simplicity and convenience.
  • It does not require any preparation; all you need do is to swallow it.
  • It is mobile as it does not involve undressing to apply as in the case of tightening creams.


  • The result gotten after using vaginal tightening pills is not instantaneous as in the case of vaginal tightening gel. Thus they need to be adequately taken by sexual intercourse.
  • Women that can use isosensual vaginal tight pills.
  • Women that have given birth and are having vaginal looseness.
  • Women that have inadequate vaginal muscle tone or has weakened due to old age or hormonal changes.
  • Women that have passed their menopause stage or are still in their menopause period.
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