Natural Stretch Marks Treatment

Natural Stretch Marks Treatment

To be a great start with what is natural stretch marks and how it worries women explains along with the simple home remedies. In general, we all know that stretch marks happen mainly during pregnancy stage. Of course, it is one of the main reasons for women to get natural stretch marks. As a fact, apart from this, there are many other reasons to get these stretch marks at various stages. Most women won’t have enough awareness about its causes and remedies to cure it by themselves.

For those who don’t have such ideas about stretch marks, this article will be useful for them to get overcome from it.

What is Natural Stretch Marks?

To define it with official words, a person’s skin stretches due to ageing and in many other stages. At the time of puberty, pregnancy, weight gain, stretch marks occur too quickly. This marks not restricted only to the particular area in the body. It can happen anywhere on the human body like stomach, hips and thighs. To mention, it is not a dangerous one, but it seems to look awful. So, it makes women feel like an unattractive person.

To explain bit technical, this stretch marks visible like parallel lines on the skin. That is, these lines look different than skin’s normal color tone and texture. To paraphrase, the color range varies from purple, then to vivid pink and light grey. Scientifically, the dermal layer of the skin suddenly stretched when the body grows. When this dermis layer tears, the skin containing the blood vessels appear the marks to look like red or with purple at the starting stage. Before getting to know about the natural and simple remedies, what causes this stretch marks is elaborately discussed here.

What Causes Natural Stretch Marks?

Notably, some of the general causes of this stretch marks almost everyone should know about are discussed below.


Since the fibres in the skin become smooth and stretch during baby developing, women hit with the stretch marks. So, the main stage is the pregnancy period to get natural stretch marks. The place- specific at this cause occurs at tummy, breasts, thighs and hips. This happens for a reason continual stretching and tugging.


This stage is also similar to the pregnancy stage. At the time of puberty, youngsters experience a change in body metabolism. This sudden change in the body growth makes the person gain or lose weight. It is one of the reasons to get the stretch marks naturally in breasts, hips, thighs.

Weight Gain

This doesn’t mean that all the heavy weight gaining person has stretch marks. Those persons who suddenly occur weight gain that too in a very short period only experience stretching. This is because it happens due to quick stretches of skin tone. Also, those who undergo diet will feel this stretch marks due to weight fluctuation. That is why it is advisable to decrease the weight gradually which can avoid the skin to get strained.


As the name defines, this occurs due to genetic facts. When the person has a family member with this stretch marks, then there are many chances to acquire for next generations. Since it has its hereditary characteristics; therefore, it is also one major reason causing stretch marks.

Intake of Corticosteroid

This means that cortisone-like medicines cause stretch marks for women. That is, this corticosteroid in cosmetic cream, lotion and narcotic pills treat allergic skin diseases. However, this creates stretch marks due to the collagen levels reduction in the skin. As this is the critical thing to make the skin’s ability to stretch the skin. So, avoiding the chemical related cosmetics and medicines will one of the ways to reduce skin stretching.

Home Remedies to Cure Natural Stretch Marks

Worrying a lot about your stretch marks? Stop your worries. Here are some of the basic ideas to treat stretching at your home. All the causes mentioned above will get cured with the following simple tips.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is popularly well famous because of its normal treatment properties. Thus, it helps to reduce the stretching effects. Utilize refreshing lemon juice simply rub on a chopped lemon wedge onto your marks to get exact results.

Potato Juice

Potatoes comprise starch along with skin lighting enzymes. This is the reason they’re frequently utilized to lighten dark circles spots, stains, and blemishes in skin area. It exfoliates your skin effectively reducing the visibility of stretch marks when implemented routinely.

Egg White

Saturated in fats and proteins, the egg is just a superb food to your epidermis. When implemented on stretch marks, then the egg white will significantly help lighten the marks and additionally helps in tightening the skin.

Aloe Vera Gel

Take out the outer coating of this aloe vera leaf and then extract the sticky gel out of the within the leaf. Make use of this aloe vera gel at the place of stretch marks and then clean off with warm water after 2 to 3 hrs.

Black Tea

Black tea comprises tons of minerals and vitamins, such as vitamin B12 that helps control skin pigmentation. To use black tea to stretch marks, then boil a number tablespoons of black tea and then put in a little salt. Once heating, put on the mix towards the marks and then replicate the procedure until they vanish.

Castor Oil

Apply castor oil right around the stretch marks and then massage in a circular motion for around 15 to 20 minutes. Right after massaging cover the region with slender cotton fabric and also apply a few heats using a heating pad. For optimum results, try so often as you can for better results.

Cocoa Butter

Like coconut oil, cocoa butter has been for a long time utilized as being a do-it-yourself stretch marks therapy. It is the cornerstone of lots of advertisement stretch marks therapies.

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