Products that you should never use on your Vagina

Things You Should Never Put In Or On Your Vagina

Our vaginas are one of the most critical parts of our body. While they can provide us immense pleasure, they can also cause us to experience a lot of pain. This is especially when they are not taken care of properly. The vagina is the most sensitive and delicate parts of our body. Some things are not good and should never come inside the contact with our vaginas in other to take care of our health.

There are products that you should never use on your vagina. These are as mentioned in the underlying points:

Pubic hair dye

When you are emotion or untried, you might want to adjust the dye of your pubic hair, even the little part of skin all around your pubes is relatively responsive, still additional responsive than your scalp. In that case, pubic hair dye comes in a call with your labia or the hole of your vagina; this can make you suffer from a smoldering sensation.

Whipped and chocolate toppings

If you are in the mood of daring, make sure your body is being twisted inside an ice-cream sundae with a chocolate sundae and whipped cream. Make sure that you don’t stick to the part of your skin more than the belly button. When you place sugar on your vaginal part, it wouldn’t just confusion with your ph balance, and can lead to yeast infections.

Vodka tampons

It might be sounding great if women can make a supplement of their tampons in vodka earlier than to insert it. Vodka is the blood pour out into the allegedly absorbed as a result of giving you a drone. Not just preserve awfully sore, and kill the walls of your vagina

Fruits and vegetables

They have pesticides which you might be careful, inserting into your vagina. They are soft and can break up inside the vagina likewise fruits. They will rot and cause more harm than food.

Sterilize anal toys before using it

Don’t use what you have applied for your button in your vagina without sterilizing it. Anal toys should have a string to pull them out so that they won’t stick in there. There you can use a condom with it if you are not sure of your safety.

Tea tree oil

You can use quality oil but not used kitchen oil. Gynecologists think coconut oil, almond oil, and olive oil are good for that. Tea tree oil has chemicals that can burn your vagina.

Whipped cream is a taboo

This is never recommendable at all, once it is in there you can’t get it out quickly. Then it will cause a reaction that will keep you uncomfortable. For sexual activities, it can be okay if you decide to put it anywhere on your vulva or any other place but inside the vagina.


People take Vaseline as a lubricant, but experts are of the opinion that Vaseline or any petroleum product may cause vaginal infection.

Yogurt on a tampon

Many people try to use yogurt on a tampon as a natural way of healing. However, it is enhancing the action of bacteria and yeast because they love moist and dark places. So don’t do it!

Chocolate syrup

They have sugar that can change the bacteria and yeast balance in your system to cause infections. They can irritate your vagina and infection.

Whipped cream

When you insert them into the vagina, they will not come out quickly especially when they cause a reaction. You might enjoy them for sexual play when they are on the vulva or other sections of the body, but not in your vagina.

Sharp objects

The vagina has much blood supply that. Any slight cut can bleed profusely. It may heal, but do you want this?

A hairbrush handle

Can be stuck in there. A hairbrush handle can be detrimental to health especially when it gets stuck inside your vagina.

The handset is a bad idea

Some people like the way it vibrates. Yes it does, but it is not meant for your vagina because the battery in it can cause some damages in there

Don’t use pop rocks

This is bad too. Many people who tried ended up in the emergency room.

Rhinestones are sorrowful

This is a horrible idea because the glue for fixing it is an irritant. Don’t put it inside especially if you have very sensitive skin.

Using an electric toothbrush is a bad idea

This is a household appliance so get it off your head that it should be inserted into the vagina.

Crazy Things!

People try putting crazy things inside their vagina. The worst part of this story is that some use small animals to derive sexual pleasure. Don’t try this out! It is quite bad!

Sheet mask

You could put this on your vagina, but with the vulva’s mucous membrane it is very dangerous to do so. This vulva muscle membrane is very sensitive and fragile and in the idea of taking this risk of allergic, irritating and derogatory reaction isn’t regard able to even a small benefit of moisturizing. However, my question to you is this; why do you prefer wasting the good sheet mask on your vagina to your face?

Wasp nest

Your vagina is too precious for you to insert a residue. The reasoning for creating oak gall is when wasps laid their larvae in an oak tree; it will be used traditionally to mix into a paste. It is also used in cleaning wounds to tighten your vagina. Yes read just well, it is used to tighten your vaginas especially after childbirth, and it reduces odor too. However, it should not get into your vulva because it causes harm to the body, just used it for the surface.

Be reminded that your vagina is not your face, not anything you apply on your face can be implemented in the vagina. So be very careful.

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