Pubic Hair Designs for Women

Pubic Hair Designs for Women

In the early centuries, women don’t bother about how their pubic hair looks or the kind of style or design they should make their pubic region. However, nowadays, women now derive joy in giving their pubic hair different styles and design either to please their partner or to make them feel good. Pubic hair designs can be done by both men and women but most common in women because they always want to look good throughout. For women who are looking for some best pubic hair designs or style that will suit you down there, below are some beautiful ones that could give your pubic hair a great look, making it attractive to your sex partner which in turn makes your sex partner or spouse loves you the more. Men do not like women with bushy or dirty pubic hair, therefore as a woman you should give your pubic hair a great design to make your man love you better. Below are some tips to make you achieve that.


The Brazilian pubic hair design

The Brazilian pubic hair design also known as the Hollywood pubic hair design is the most common of pubic hair designs. This pubic design was named after seven Brazilian sisters that introduced it in their saloon in the year 1987 this type of pubic hair design requires you removing off all the hair both in the pubis and anal region. Please note that this type of design is not advised to be carried out for wax beginners because it is quite expensive and it hurts. There is an excellent possibility of getting ingrown hair and razor burn on the larger area when you shave.

The five o’clock shadow

This pubic hair design is so much pretty just as the name sounds. It makes most women more convenient because of how simple it is, and it does not itch. When trying to shave with this style, it’s easier you trim it down gently to prevent itching of growing hair. Most men prefer this pubic hair design on their sexual partners because it makes the hair not to rub painfully during sexual intercourse. Five o’clock shadow looks sexy on a lady’s vagina as a man sees it. So ladies please try this pubic hair design to entice your man.

The natural pubic hair design

This design which is also known as the full bush style is the type of pubic hair design that entirely leaves your pubic hair untrimmed and unshaven. This design looks more attractive sexually to many people, and it makes them feel better when having sex. This pubic hair design is also one of the most common designs generally because it is easier to uphold. One can decide to choose this design when you are not putting on what will expose your pubic region in public.

Bikini lines pubic hair design

This design is one of the simplest styles to do and keep. If you are a woman that prefers this design, have to remove only the hair from the sides and top of your underwear line. In case you are not sure of a design to give your pubic hair, bikini lines pubic hair design can be a starting point for you. This style gives you more opportunities to take –off unwanted hair shaving, waxing, epilating, since you have less hair to remove in this case. I think the simplest way to go about this kind of pubic hair design is to produce bikini region.

The triangle pubic hairstyle (the Bermuda triangle)

This style is also said to be one of the most popular pubic hair design. When carrying out this design, the hair is generally trimmed in a way that it still maintains the original shape of the pubic area but lesser in size. This style can be done by oneself most especially if you decide to shave instead of waxing your intimate hair. You gently shave down your pubic area and make sure you follow the original shape of the region till you are pleased with the size of your “Bermuda triangle.” After which you now trim down the length that now gives it a pleasant and beautiful look.

Landing strip pubic hair design

This pubic hair design is a trendy pubic hairstyle. It is like the Brazilian kind of pubic hair design, but in the landing strip, a strip of hair is put in place just on top of the vulva, always following the width of the original fold.

The martini glass

This design is the combination of both the Bermuda triangle and the landing strip type of pubic hairstyle. This style wasn’t so familiar because most women see it as an easy task and something that last for just a short time (just for a night). The process is very straightforward. Gently shave, trim or wax the top and sides right down. Generally, as a woman, you should have a triangular shape, but when you carry out this design, you make bottom right into a thin line, terminating just before the clitoris. After which you now reshape the top of the triangular shape of the pubic hair to give you that martini glass design you want. The combination of these two styles is superb because it makes your sexual partner or your love hunger for more sex.

The bush type of pubic hair design

About 11.6% of woman love their pubic region bushy because they don’t want to go through the stress of styling, shaving or trimming their pubic hair.
Therefore, they love their pubic hair been natural. To them (some women) the hair surrounding your vagina is there for a purpose, so allowing it remain the way it looks is the best idea, health-wise. Some women believe that leaving pubic hair to prevent you from having ingrown hairs, burns from a razor, or itchy re-growing hair. recommends V Tight Gel to Make your Vagina Tight again!
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