Vaginal Odor Causes and Treatments

Vaginal Odor Causes

Though many women do not openly talk about it, it is grasped that vaginal smell does occur from time to time. Sometime you might wonder that even after taking proper care of your vagina the odor seems to repeat and doesn’t go away. What several people do not know is that vagina tends to have a natural odor on its own. The bad news is that this odor will not be a pleasant aroma. However, it is the way the human body is designed. One should be concerned when the bad smell is consistent and occurs frequently.

What is vaginal odor?

Vagina the female reproductive genital is located in the lower part of the body mainly in the pelvic region. There appears to be a smell around the vagina which is expected. According to many doctors, a vagina is supposed to smell, and this stench will not be similar to that of a bottle of perfume. Considering this fact if the vaginas release a smell and it is natural. However, here and there, at times a different foul odor can be noticed arising from this region. This pungent reek will not be that of the usual scent. If you notice this abnormal scent, then do not discard it casually.

Why do vaginas stink?

Some of the common reason why the smell arises down there are as follows:


High chances are that a bacterial infection is on the way. Bacterial vaginosis is most common among women, and it happens if there are too much bacteria in the vagina. This is mostly seen in women aged 15-44. PH level changes in the vagina due to the growth of different bacteria leading to a fish-like odor.


Certain times it might seem that the smell is from your vagina, but the real case will be that of your genital area. Majorly women tend to leak urine from time to time even without their knowledge. When the leaked pee stays in the vulva, it discharges a pungent reek.


Women tend to have a sweaty crotch. This is usually too. Our body is filled with eccrine gland which leads to a watery sweat. This sweat as a result of the glands will not particularly smell good.


Smelling during periods is normal. At times women leave a tampon unattended. Many women forget that they have kept a tampon. This is particularly true in the case of inserted tampons. You will be surprised as to how common this occurs. Apart from this even menstrual cycle leads to a fishy scent.


Having intercourse will lead to fluid discharge. This discharge will release an unpleasant smell. Since both men and women bodily fluids mix in this case and stay in the pelvic area, it is common to have an odor after sex.

Vaginal Odor Treatment

Maintain hygiene

Clean your vagina when you take a bath. Wipe your vagina from front to back after urinating. Do not use harsh soap to wash your vagina. Mild scented or herbal soaps are the best options.

Proper Diet

Including specific food items like Pineapple, garlic and yogurt will help in maintaining a proper diet and cleansing the body. This will make the body free from bacterial growth which will eliminate the odor. Also include turmeric, fenugreek seeds, citrus fruits, nuts, cranberry, and gooseberry.

Underwear management

Wearing cotton underwear is the best solution for a comfortable pelvic region. Always wear loose underwear. This helps in proper airflow management. Smell due to sweat and moisture buildup can be avoided when the airflow is proper. Wear clean underwear and change sweaty underwear immediately.

Use pH product

There are pH products which are available in pharmacies. This will help in balancing the pH level of your vagina and bringing it back to normalcy.

Use essential oils

Avoid using scented wipes to clean your vagina. Instead, go for tree oil or lavender oil. Mix few drops of tree oil or lavender oil in a cup of water. Then dilute it well and use it to wash your vagina.

Exterior perfume

Many women tend to spray a bottle of perfume or deodorant in the vaginal area. This tendency increases when there is a bad scent arising from the region. While spraying an exterior deodorant is fine, avoid spraying intensely or inside the zone. This will change the interior vaginal chemistry and lead to issues.


While taking hot shower might upset the pH balance of the vagina, vinegar is useful in curbing the bacteria growth. While taking a hot shower include 2 cups of vinegar and allow it to soak for 20 minutes.

Neem leaves

Neem leaves have an antibacterial property in them. Soak Neem leaves in water and boil it. After a while, the water starts boiling and will reduce to half. Take this water and wash your vagina. This will kill the excess bacteria present around the cervix.

Consult a Doctor

Consulting a doctor can be an option if the stench keeps recurring. Prescription treatments are also available which can be opted to eradicate the cause for the reek. The doctor will be able to spot the cause and identify if any secretion is normal or it is something fishy. Vaginal itching and irritation is also linked to this and can evolve circulating a strong fume.

Maintaining good hygiene will help in eliminating this problem in the future. Certain fundamental factors like a balanced diet will help curb the stinking problem. Staying hydrated will also help in flushing the toxins out of the body. This will remove the unwanted substances which may the cause for the stench. First, identify the problem and the underlying reason for this stink. If you can spot it out, then you can neatly cut out the problem causing source. If the problem persists then consulting a gynaecologist is the apt solution. recommends V Tight Gel to Make your Vagina Tight again!
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