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Vagisil PH Balance Wash Review

Vagisil PH Balance Wash


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VAGISIL PH Balance wash is a clinically proven wash that helps to maintain the normal ph balance of the menstrual period, sex, menopause, or soap can alter the ph level of the vaginal area. This can cause discomfort or hot sensation. Then, Vagisil ph balances wash with its lacto prebiotics will help to nourish the beneficial probiotics in the body whose function is maintained they normal ph balance of the vagina.

Vagisil ph balance is made at why it is safe or regular use to aid in the maintenance or a healthy ph and a fresh-clean feel.

Contents of Vagisil ph balance wash

This ph balance wash contains the following ingredients;

  • Lacto prebiotics mild scent
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Free scent – it is gynecologist tested okay.

Vagisil features a sent that helps the vaginal area loss the odor that can come from the sweat of many of the sweat glands. Some people feel bad because of their odor. You are not there alone; the aid is here in Vagisil ph balance. It is the freshness solution every woman wants.

Vagisil ph balance wash is good for the vagina because it contains a balance ph level. A balance ph level is essential if you need the right famine health. This wash helps in maintaining internal health skin and ph balance. It helps to fortify your natural defensive mechanism. The lacto prebiotics content helps to boost a mild and fresh scent. Moreover, it is safe for your daily use. People usually ask if Vagisil wash prevents vaginal odor. The answer is yes it does. It eliminates the odor caused by (profuse /much) many sweat glands of Te vaginal area. It blocks the odor and stops it from occurring again.

Vagisil helps you when you are suffering from vaginal irritation. It might not be a cure for yeast infection, but it reduces the symptoms and cures the itching once its cream is injected into your vagina with a syringe. It is not advisable to insert Vagisil inside your vagina. It is suitable for use on outside areas around the vagina such as vulva and labia. You can administer it with your finger o that the itching will stop. It is not applicable to the larger areas of the body. Vagisil creams are known to relieve the most the vaginal problem like during, pains and itching it gives instant relief from itch associated with antibiotic discharge.

Vagisil medicated anti-itch wipes contains excellent strength itch resistant medicine which is a convenience for use, soft it relives severe burning and itching Vagisil has a soft and body wash consistency. With little of it, you will be happy at length. It will be with you, it prevents yeast infection and stops vaginal odor. Vagisil an over the counter topical creams which cure itching are available for constant use. It is a maximum or regular strength cream which is easy to use though you have to apply caution when you use it as stated in the leaflet.

Can Vagisil Change Your Vaginal PH Balance?

Vagisil cannot alter your vaginal balance like other daily cleansers. Your memo pause, period, sexual intercourse and much other wash in the market can. You can use it every day without problems of irritation or itching.

How to use Vagisil PH Balance wash

This is a wash, not a douche, so do not try putting it inside your vagina then if you must, put some of it on your finger or washcloth and use it to wash the outer section of your vaginal. After that, you have to rinse very well. Don’t use any of the mesh scrubby things because they are used to exfoliate and scrub off your loose skin.

Does Vagisil Have Side Effects?

Although Vagisil has many needed effects, it does not have some side effects which can be minimized. Vagisil contains anti-itch ingredients that you may not like so don’t use it as a douche; it is a wash for the external areas of the vagina. It might cause some rashes, redness of the skin, or inflammation. Sometimes, people say it is giving them skin irritation or stinging of their skin. If you apply it with caution, you will enjoy only the food benefits.

What are the ingredients in Vagisil?

Vagisil wash contains the following ingredients: Active ingredients: Benzocaine (20%) – External analgesic, Resorcinol (30%) – External analgesic inactive ingredients: water, Cetyl Alcohol, Glyceryl. Monostearate, polyoxyl 100 stearates, mineral oil, 150 propyl palmitate, aloe vera leaf, alpha-tocopherol acetate, corn oil

Peoples review

What do people say about vagisil ph balance wash?

  • The vagisil has a new scent; a scent is different from other ph balance wash. This scent is very amazing and great; it is called white jasmine.
  • It cures allergic reactions, burning and itching. It even cures yeast infection that was stacked on a woman’s body after giving birth eight years ago so she orders for vagisil ph balancing wash and it balanced her ph and cured her.
  • Some have been trying to keep their lady part well balanced; they kept on using other ph balancing wash but to no avail! Then when they came in contact with vagisil ph balance wash, they met with their expectations, and their ph got well balanced. Not only getting balance also the odor of their vagina automatically changed.
  • The vagisil ph balance wash is the perfect wash for vagina, it works great, it makes you feel nice, it keeps your vagina scenting fresh, it leaves you super neat, it keeps you healthy, and it stands against any infection.
  • The most important thing in this vagisil ph balance wash is that when using it, you are free from bacteria. It makes you clean and scent like a meadow. It mustn’t be in a large quantity before it starts working on you, but the little bottle you have can last for a long time for you.
  • It is not too expensive.
  • It can use it, especially when you are in your period.

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