What are the most common breast types seen in women?

types of breasts

Breasts, as we know, is the sexual organ of a female found in the upper body. Breasts are also capable of producing milk for the newborn which happens during the time of pregnancy. This is due to the mammary glands which are present in the female’s breasts. Every woman will have a different breast shape and size. It depends on various factors. While there are a lot of natural elements, it seems like there are some artificial factors too.

Breast Size and Shapes

A women’s breast differs in shape and size with the other females. There are times where the shape and size of the breasts will change. This indicates that the shape and size of a woman’s breasts will not be the same through her life. This is because a woman goes through puberty, and at that time the breasts will grow, and hence, the size changes. When there are hormone changes in a female’s body, this will impact the shape and size of the breasts. This is because the tissues in the breast will grow as a result of the hormone changes.

Besides, during the time of pregnancy, the size and shape will change as it will keep growing. When a woman reaches the stage of menopause, it will again affect the size and shape of the breasts. At this time the shape will change because the size of the breasts will decrease.

The Importance of knowing the breast type

While these changes keep happening, the types of breasts are categorized based on the size and shape of the breasts. Many factors are considered when classifying the breast types. From the basic shape to the nipple positioning, many specifications are supposed to classify the breasts into the given categories. To know the breast type that a woman possesses is essential. This is because if the female knows about her breast type, she will be able to choose the right bra and even choose the right clothing. If a woman does not know the breast type, then the proper bra cannot be identified. This will result in the breast looking clumsy and out of shape. In some cases, the breasts might even start popping out because the bra will not suit the breast shape.
Considering different factors, the breasts are listed down into 7 types. A woman should know which type under these 9 types her breast belongs to.

What are the types?


Generally when two shapes are similar to each other but slightly different in shape, then it is called asymmetrical. The same logic applies here too. When the two breasts are different in shape, then the pair of breasts is called an asymmetric pair of breasts. This can be because one of the breasts will be larger in size when compared to another. Alternatively, even cases like one breast shape will be different when compared to the other breast shape.


When the two breasts have a laid down effect that is the breasts will give a careless and casual appearance then it will be considered as the east-west type. The primary reason for this name for these types of breasts is because both the nipples of the breast will be facing the opposite direction. If the nipple of one breast faces the right, then the other nipple of the other boob will be typically facing the left side.

Side Set

If the gap between the breasts is large, then it considered as the side set type. In this breast type, the nipples will be similar to that of the east-west type. However, the only difference between the side set type and the east-west type nipple is that in the side set type the nipples will be much more in front.


If the breasts are fine in shape and the top half of the breasts are equal to the bottom half of the breasts, then it will reflect a round shape. Because of this reason, these types of breasts are called the round type.

Bell shape

If you look at the shape of a bell, it will be thin in the top. However, the bottom half of the bell will be wider and larger in size when compared to that of the top half. Similar to that when the breasts are thinner in the top, and if it’s wider in the bottom half then it is classified as the bell type.

Tear Drop

The teardrop type of breasts is similar to that of the bell-shaped breasts. However, in this type of breasts, the bottom half of the breasts will not be that wide and as large as that of the bell-shaped breasts. In other words, the breasts will look like the bell-shaped breasts, but it will have a better angle.


When the breasts have a lower number of tissues, it will be categorized as the slender type. So how is the number of tissues reflected? It is identified as when the tissues in the breasts are low it will cause the breasts to be skinny. This will also make the breasts look wide in the top half and a little wide in the bottom half.


Similar to the slender type athletic type of breasts will have less number of tissues. In this case, the nipples will also look upright. In this breast type, the breasts will also look tight.


In this category of breasts, the nipples will be drooping and will be in the downward direction. In relaxed breast type, the top half of the breasts will be wide whereas the bottom half of the breasts will be narrow.

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