Why Do Vaginas Make Queefing Sounds?

Why Do Vaginas Make Queefing Sounds?

If you always hear queefing sounds that come from your vagina and you get scared thinking it’s an infection or disease. Don’t be scared anymore, it’s a natural thing, and there’s no need to visit a gynecologist. With this article of mine, you will know what your queefing sound is, why your vaginas make queefing sounds and reasons for queefing sounds.

What is queefing sound?

Vaginal Flatulence or Queefing sounds are those slight or huge releases or pollute of air that is from your lady bit (vagina). It is also known as a vaginal fart, and when this noise is made, there is a noise your body usually does, and it is known as pretty distinct. Many women that were in the past also released queefing sounds from his or her vagina. If you are having sexual intercourse it normal and natural for your vagina to make queefing sounds. There is no need to get stress out thinking about it because it is a natural thing, even if your vaginas make a boisterous and disgusting sound it normal. All created women would eventually undergo queefing sounds.

However, if you don’t like the sounds even after knowing its natural, there is also a proper medication for this queefing sounds. Medical practitioners and medical doctors refer queefing sound as vaginal flatulence, and there is this discovery of science that says the sound that comes from your vagina sounds exactly like the flatulence that comes from your buttocks, that the only similarity they have. Whenever you queef, it doesn’t come with a waste product, and this means the vaginal queef that you released don’t have and disgusting odor, and it is clean. It is just air you release, and there is nothing attached to the air.

Five reasons for vaginal queefing

Many reasons make a queefing sound heard from your vagina, and there are no bad reasons that make queefing sounds to be heard from the vagina. Just think of it like, many factors in the body are combining forces to produce queefing sound from the vagina. However, among the reasons, there are some that are very common than the other ones, and you should know that they are probably the main reasons and likely causes why your vagina makes queefing sounds, that causes your worry to raise. If you can’t keep hearing the sounds, your vagina makes, without getting worried, you can go ahead and visit your gynecologist.

Releasing of trapped air

The exact cause that makes flatulence to occur is because there is some trapped air in our bodies that are being released through our vagina that makes a queefing sound. It is natural for air to enter and to be collected by making part of your body and orifices. The reason why the air from the vagina makes a queefing sound is that the air that is trapped in the body would try to escape through the vagina and due to the vagina is a tight place for the air, it will make a queefing sound when it comes out. Your different activities can release the trapped air like walking, running and jumping during sexual intercourse, etc.

Another cause is rigorous exercise

The more you keep exercising rigorously; you will make the muscle that is in your pelvis to calm down and contract. It is due to the movement of your muscles that make the air in your groin and pelvis to escape from the middle of your legs, which could make queefing sounds either loud or low.

Sexual intercourse

When you are having sexual intercourse your vagina normally makes this queefing sound because you inserted some things for sexual pleasure such as sex doll, finger and any other sex organ and when the object or penis enters into the vagina, it opens it letting the air that is in there to gas out quickly. Immediately this air forces itself out; it makes a queefing sound that is odorless.

Examining you body medically

Air can also escape from your vagina during a medical examination, called colonoscopy. When the instrument for the checkup is inserted into your vagina, it can make the air that is inside your body to redistribute. It is a natural thing for anyone to make a queefing sound from their vagina when their bodies are being examined medically by their doctors or gynecologist.


Queefing sound can also be made from the vagina by a woman that is giving birth because of the contractions that are made from the labor and the pains the woman passed through. Air could be clouded in her womb; immediately the vagina is opened by the baby the air will escape relieving the woman a bit. It is not common for women in childbirth to let out queefing sounds from their vaginas during labor.

Is it advisable for women to get worried because of queefing sounds from their vaginas or is queefing normal?

It is not necessary to get worried because you hear queefing sounds from the air that comes out from your lady bit. All women pass through flatulence because vagina flatulence is a natural and normal thing that is particularly made for females, most especially women that are physically active. Their exertions and movement will eventually make air to be redistributed in their bodies and allow a queefing sound when coming out of their vaginas. So don’t worry even if your vaginas releases many queefing sounds. The lady bit letting out air is not a big deal, and it doesn’t have any illness or health problem that causes it. If your genitalia releases queefing sounds just know that everything is all right with your vagina.

Note that there is a time when you should get worried about your vagina releasing queefing sounds. This is when the queefing sound is stinking badly; it happens because of some waste product in your body attached to the queef or air you released. You must consult your gynecologist to know exactly what is wrong with you.


If you are a woman and you are worried about queefing sounds that come out from your vagina, I guess by now you have known that you shouldn’t get worried because it is no big deal, only people that releases smelling flatulence should worry a bit. recommends V Tight Gel to Make your Vagina Tight again!
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